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Sex & NudityEdit

  • None

Violence & GoreEdit

  • Ed and Eddy looking at skeleton Man, the bones are then joint up to mount a complete human skeleton, which then continues to transform, grisly gaining skin and hair, until it finally transforms into the Ghost Spirit of Moonscar himself.
  • Kevin rips the head off a zombie, no blood shown.
  • Morgan Moonscar's sword with blood shown.
  • In the 1700s centurys, the pirates killing people, the people run to the Peach Creek lake and they been eaten by the alligator.
  • Eddy got been stab by the Knife from Colin.


  • Nazz going to say "damn", but she say "darn".
  • Double D say "Oh My God".


  • Lena's Party with all the beers.

Frightening/Intense ScenesEdit

  • Lena and Colin's flashback scene is dark and scary.
  • This movie might be too scary for younger viewers its a much darker film than the other movies.